I’m a self-taught artist, working in illustration and photography with a particular interest in storytelling. I aspire to create many picture books in my lifetime, and wish there were more hours in a day to work on the ideas floating around in my head and scribbled in my sketchbook. I draw inspiration from my deep love of reading, my celtic storytelling heritage, and the observation of people and nature. The world is such a beautiful place.

I love collaboration and, for that reason, many of my photographic images are the result of collaborating with amazing models, makeup artists and designers. I’ve made many of the costumes worn in my photos, and relish conversations with other creative people.

My other love is community. As such, I’ve devoted much of my life to community development and social entrepreneurship. I believe that the world works best when people are given the chance to express their potential, and I’ve seen the power of the arts at work to unlock that creativity and confidence in lots of different people. We need more people willing to play the supporting, nurturing role in helping others see their worth. This is the gift that has been given to me by amazing people in my own life and the thing I hope to pass on to others.

Lastly, I really care about fostering and adoption, so sometimes I’ll write about that on my blog too.

My first publication as an illustrator ‘The Listening Stone’ was released in 2012 and my forthcoming book, ‘I Love St Andrews‘, with poet Carly Brown,will be released in April 2015.

• BBC Rotary Young Citizen of the Year
• Realworld Entrepreneur of the Year
• Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (Churchill Medal)
• Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
• Graduate of the School for Social Entrepreneurs
• Cultural Enterprise Office ‘Starter for 6’ Finalist
• Santander Spark Awardee
• Unltd Awardee


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